1. J.Crew tan corduroy jacket (ebay)
    Polo Fair Isle sweater vest (ebay)
    Polo blue weathered denim/chambray workshirt
    Brooks Brothers brown linen/silk knit tie
    Polo olive cargo pants
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    J.Crew dark brown pebbled chukka boots

    Browns, tans and greens are always exerting their gravitational pull on me.

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  2. Jack Spade midnight blue corduroy jacket (ebay)
    Polo blue pinpoint OCBD shirt
    Polo wool Fair Isle sweater vest (consignment)
    Brooks Brothers maroon striped bow tie (ebay?)
    Tammis Keefe linen pocket square (ebay)
    Polo tan cargo pants (Saks)
    Walk-Over dark brown chukka boots (Gilt)

    The title refers to a presentation today to my boss's boss.
    Not the outfit. It's cold today.

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  3. Hugo Boss brown plaid jacket (Off 5th)
    Tammis Keefe vintage pocket square (ebay)
    Gold toned tie bar (ebay)
    Balmain blue plaid shirt (consignment)
    Brooks Brothers orange striped tie (consignment?)
    J. Crew tan khakis
    Banana Republic brown leather belt

    I had not worn this shirt for some time, fearing that it would be too billowy,
    given my evolving tastes towards ever slimmer shirts.
    Happily, it was not too bad.

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  4. J.Crew salmon cotton sweater
    Jack Spade gray OCBD (ebay)
    Polo double-knee workpants
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    Frye black & brown chukka boots (6pm)

    Cotton sweaters may not be as warm as wool, but they seem to pill much less.
    And they tend to be a bit cheaper. What's not to love?

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  5. Polo plaid tweed (I think) jacket (thrifted)
    J.Crew chambray shirt
    Banana Republic silk blend v-neck sweater
    Alexander Ochs blue/gray plaid bow tie (ebay)
    Polo weathered khakis
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    Vintage Shoe Company dark brown (casual) wingtips (Gilt)

    No further comment.


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  6. Vintage Chaps blue blazer, made in America (thrifted)
    J.Crew brown merino wool cotton v-neck sweater
    Polo pink gingham broadcloth button down shirt (Marshall's)
    Polo orange bow tie (ebay)
    Polo olive distressed khakis
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    J.Crew dark brown pebbled chukkas

    It seems to have been a while since I wore a blue blazer.
    The khakis seemed to have too little contrast against by other potential jackets.

    BTW, for some reason, the union label was completely washed out after my first dry cleaning.
    What gives? Is dry cleaning harsher now?

    Update: apparently I can't distinguish wool from cotton.

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  7. Barbour Classic Buford (not pictured)
    Club Monaco blue linen sweater
    Polo denim buttondown shirt (ebay)
    Rugby tan corduroys
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    Tretorn green rubber boots
    Club Monaco leather bracelet
    Timex Weekender with J.Crew orange NATO strap

    This new webcam softwear stinks. Automatic settings blow out the background,
    and the manual mode is too fussy to get correct. I don't have time for this!

    BTW, the link is not to the Barbour site,
    as they don't seem to have a page for this classic piece of outerwear.

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  8. Palm Beach gray herringbone jacket (thrifted)
    Polo blue Fair Isle sweater vest
    Polo red gingham OCBD
    Polo black club bow tie
    Polo tan cargo khakis (Saks)
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    J.Crew dark brown pebbled chukkas

    I think that sometimes coworkers don'n know what to say when they ask me about wearing colors. Do they they ever see me dressing differently?

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  9. J.Crew tan "vintage cord" jacket (ebay)
    Unionmade orange v-neck Shetland sweater
    Jack Spade "Made in USA" blue gingham buttondown shirt (ebay)
    Old Navy gray t-shirt
    L.L. Bean Signature brown trousers
    Tammis Keefe vintage linen pocket square (ebay)
    Tretorn green rubber boots
    J.Crew orange "NATO" strap on a Timex Weekender (Thanks, Timex!)

    The "Persian Garden" of the square appeals to my sensibilities. As does the orange edge,

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  10. Polo orange cotton/cashmere v-neck (Last Call)
    Gant "Hugger" blue & white striped spread collar oxford (East Dane)
    Banana Republic brown leather belt
    Polo weathered olive khakis
    Vintage Shoe Company dark brown chukka boots (Benjamin Lovell)

    I am on-site, escaping the off-site conference for a few minutes.

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